Want a 2.5% premium on your selling price? Buy an 8!

Are you Superstitious? Maybe you should be for Real Estate’s sake.

Believe it or not, superstitions really can affect the value of your property. If you’ve ever been in the elevator of a condo you’ve probably noticed something odd – there is no floor 13 or floor 4 (or any any floor containing a 4 for that matter). About 5% of the Canadian population is of Chinese descent. In the Chinese culture, the number 4 is sounds like “death” thus resulting in a 2.2% price discount for addresses containing the number 4. Addresses with the number 8 on the other hand brings in a 2.5% premium as the number represents prosperity.

Would you pay a premium to live in an address that contained an 8?

*Data from besthomesbc.com

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