Costs of Buying Real Estate


When buying Toronto Real Estate, it is important to take into consideration the additional costs of the transaction other than the purchase price itself. Put aside some additional cash for the following one time expenses: 1) Lawyer fees – closing fees and title insurance 2) Adjustments – depending on what is in the agreement of […]

Power of Sales


The year 2007 in Toronto was a crazy year in terms of real estate sale and skyrocketing prices. Many buyers bought during this frenzy and paid top dollar for a property. As reality sets in and property values start to decline, these home owners are now struggling to pay off their financial obligations, forcing the […]

Mandatory Home Energy Audits in Toronto


Did you ever wonder how energy efficient your home is? Well now you are required to find out. The provincial government has passed Bill 150: the Green Energy Act, forcing Ontario residents to add another task to their to-do list before they can sell or lease out their home. Bill 150, the Green Energy Act […]

Buying Pre Construction Real Estate


Buying a pre-construction  has many advantages. The first advantage being choice. Buying from the builder allows you to have more choice when it comes to the selecting the floor plan/layout and the location of the condo unit in the building. Finishes and decor are also a feature you are able to customize at this time. […]

First Time Buyers |Toronto Real Estate


In today’s economy, owning a home in Toronto has become a more affordable option than ever before. With longer amortization periods and with access to programs such as the 5% Down Program buying a home is not as daunting of a task as it may seem. If you are currently renting in Toronto, compare your […]