Dont Drive and Talk!

Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with real estate but I thought I would keep you up to speed with the new Dont Drive and Talk law in Toronto.

From now on:
– Holding or using a wireless communication device (a cell phone) or a portable electronic entertainment device (iPod) while driving is prohibited.
– Commercial GPS units along with similar dashboard-mounted devices that provide gauges and displays relating to logistical or navigation uses are fine.
– Using a cell phone or wireless communication device in hands-free mode, as long as you’re not holding it during use, is fine.
– Using any device while pulled-over or parked in a way that you are not disrupting traffic, is fine.
– The systems used by Ambulances, Fire Departments, and Law Enforcement are exempt.

Violation of the above rules will carry a fine of $500. Demerit points will not be included, but depending upon the violation, police will have the option to also use existing careless driving laws for additional penalties (and pts).

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